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Thursday, July 18, 2013


assalamualaikum guys..=)

senyuman palsu.
argh! hari ni ieda konfius dengan diri ieda..
tah la...

tak suka dia..tapi hari-hari ingat dekat dia.
padahal, dia tak pernah ingat ieda pun..

buktinya langsung tak ade contact ieda langsung.
tu la.. janji bagai. tapi bukti??


some words for you..
i know you are following this blog..
i know you have read all story about us..
all of our story that i have written out..
so maybe this is the last story about us..
not maybe..but for sure this is the last..

i hope that you will always be happy..
you said before that you cannot live without me..
but you have already two months without me..
and you are still alive.. right?

anyway, maybe you have met with the girl that was looking for you before..
she came to your house just want to see you..
maybe you are having your life happily with her..
i will pray for both of you..

it sounds like i'm regret with what i have done right?
sounds like i always wants you right?
sorry dear.. you are no longer in my heart..

just i cannot forget what you had promise me..
you keep promise until the last day when we had our conversation before..
so.. some words for you..

take care of yourself..
keep doings the good..
you have quit smoking right?
so just keep on going..

but you are changing now..
i know.. you are with you old behaviour again..
so you changed before just because of me?? 
you are wrong..

it is is your life..
do what you want..
i hope that you will achieve success in your life..
be happy always my dear..

and last words for you.. 
goodbye dear..

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